I practice ‘body testing’ to communicate with all of me. I ask the body Yes or No, to a product or question. Body testing is effective when it comes to vitamins, minerals, herbs and all food. What the body needs changes.

‘How you watered yourself yesterday may not necessarily be the way you need to water yourself tomorrow.’

 – @iambrillyant

In my inner work I have practiced communicating with, and listening to my body and intuition. Asking me what I need and don’t need, instead of asking another. We were not taught to listen in, we were taught to listen to others.

When our body is whispering something to us, we often go to someone we don’t know, and ask them to figure out what the information is. The body wants our attention. The intuition is our compass, our knowing, our truth. Listen to the body when it whispers…

‘The medicine is not ‘out there’. It is in here.

We are the Medicine.
We are the Truth.
We are the Way.

– @earthdaughters