○ Course & Book
This fall, starting September 2020, I will participate in Alan’s online course ”The Master Keys of Healing.”  based on his new book.

This course was important to me and gave me new insights on the importance and effect of Intention, Beliefs and Affirmations.

”This is a book about radical healing; radical because it finds healing in entirely different places than the world tells you it exists. It posits that healing is within your hands, not those of others.”

‘Ultimately your healing relationship is not with a person or a technique. It is with Life itself. All that you need to be healed is within you and available to you. The quest for healing ends within.’

‘You are unlimited and free. Your beliefs about limitations are not really yours. They were adopted from other people…’

‘Affirmations work because they tap into the part of you that remembers your wholeness.’

○ A weekly wave of sanity
I listen to Alan’s ”A weekly wave of Sanity”  where he delivers an inspirational message appropriate to current events. Available on his YouTube channel and Spotify.