In August 2022 I ended the Medicine wheel.

For 10 months, I committed to the energy work, to the practices, the rituals, the medicine and the wisdom. This comittment continues.

‘The shamans have a four full path to wisdom known as the medicine wheel.’

‘It describes the way of the south, the serpent. The way of the West, the trackers, Jaguar Medicine. The north, the teachers, the wisdom keepers, the acient knowledge. The fourth, East, the way of the Eagle, no obstacles, the possibilities.’

In the fall 2022, The Paqos traveled from Peru to Sweden, to be in service for the people of the west. Sharing their wisdom, teachings, profound healing practices, and authentic tools of energy medicine.

Sharing the power and the deepest vibrations of love from the sacred mountains of the Andes.

In this training we were held and supported, in the process of opening our hearts and connecting to Munay – the deepest vibrations of love within us.

Don Juan Apaza Quispe and Don Juan Huaman Machacca, are Inca Q’ero shamans – Paqos who lives in the distant villages of the Andean mountains in Peru. Carina Davalos Concha, their translator, and fellow companion. Victor Forselius. A practicing Paqo who has been walking the Inca Shamanic tradition for 15 years.